La Clusaz, France- Legend Candide Thovex usually keeps a low profile on social media and the internet, apart from his annual viral masterpieces, yet last week while preparing to film One Of Those Days 3, Candide just couldn’t keep quiet, it was just one of those days. Candide told the Radical Radish that it started the second he stepped out of bed, “my ski boots were right beside my bed and I stepped right on a buckle, do you know how bad that hurts?”

Things did not turn around for Candide, when a bird shit in his coffee mug, “I’d have rather it landed on my head. I hate mondays.” Filming continued after the bird incident but everyone around could tell that Candide was not his usual self. “There’s a lot of pressure on the OOTD series, no one wants to watch Candide have a shit day,” A GoPro spokesperson said. “We had to seriously think about cancelling the whole thing, it was that bad of a day.”

The day continued to spiral downwards, turning “One of Those Days 3” into one of those days… as his pass didn’t scan right and lifties refused to let him up the mountain. “Enough was enough, first bird shit, now the season pass, I even managed to put my baselayer on backwards. If things keep up like this no one is going to want to watch the new edit.”

Despite the possibility of GoPro pulling the plug Candide called it a day and head home. Hopefully for the sake of the internet Candide can overcome his case of the Mondays and bring us OOTD 3.