To put anyone in the same sentence with Candide Thovex and compare the two is very difficult. He's a legend in the sport and one of the hardest charging, fast paced skiers there is. No one is ever going to try and deny Candide's skills on the mountain...but as far as POV edits go, Sander Hadley might be someone who can challenge the man himself.

Last May Candide put out one of the craziest (if not the craziest) POV edits to date with "One of those days":

In true Candide fashion he charged the mountain, tricking everything he could find, weaved around people (including people going up a t-bar), and ended his session backflipping over a cop car. Certainly mind-blowing and impressive. And seemed like it couldn't be beat in the POV realm.

Then, seemingly out of no where, Sander Hadley comes on the POV scene with "The Way I See It":

Flying around the hardpack at Snowbird, this edit made waves across the internet ski community. And if that wasn't enough, a month later Sander released "Februany":

It was all the fun of The Way I See It, but with more snow. After this edit made the rounds, it seemed that Sander had won the internet. These two edits alone are impressive on their own, however to add to the fire today Sander release an edit with none other than Tanner Hall destroying the terrain at Squaw Valley with the properly named "Tanner Hall and Sander Hadley at Squaw":

So the question remains, who has the better POV edits? Sander clearly has the numbers game, but is that enough to top Candide's? Either way, these two are very fun to watch, and clearly have a fun time doing what they do.