He's back to break the internet again, this time with Audi in tow. Not quite OOTD3 but certainly a healthy dose of Candide ridiculousness. Reminiscent of Sweetgrass Production's Forest segment (which was in fact 100% legit) but on steroids, it's hard to tell how much of this is real and how much was made in a studio.

Check out this rad opinion piece on the edit by NS wordsmith Sam Turner

On the one hand we know that there are physical limits to what is actually possible. On the other... Candide Thovex seems to regularly defy those limits. Clearly there is a fair amount of, let's call it 'creative', editing going on, but how much? I'm sure the coming weeks will bring near endless analysis of that, and hopefully a 'making of' video but for now enjoy it for what it is... the best ski related mainstream advert ever?