It is with deep regret that I must announce to you guys that we have officially cancelled production of the 2014 Newschoolers Yearbook.

The people that I apologize to the most are our amazing community of content producers - you guys have put in an immense amount of time and effort into this thing and there is no doubt in my mind that it was going to be the best magazine ever made.

To the rest of you who did go out of their way to pick up a copy last year, I'm sorry that you won't be able to appreciate our best content in such an incredible and beautiful format.

The problem is, the costs of producing it were enormous, and the demand for extra advertising simply wasn't there. The bottom line is that ad dollars are transitioning online, and the numbers simply were not going to line up to keep the mag at the quality it deserved.

Here's the thing.... I'm actually really, really, really excited that we're cancelling this project.

As amazing as the Yearbook was, it relied way too heavily on advertising revenue, and it was simply the rehashing of old content. We took our eye off the ball, and forgot how important the content being uploaded to this site on a day to day basis was.

The content that this community creates, in real-time is what needs resources - not some nostalgic throwback to times of yore. We need to get back to re-inventing the future of Digital Media, and doing it as the forefront of the revolution. This community has produced the writers, photographers and Producers that will reshape the media landscape in skiing and we need to double down on the support we give you. Without increased ad revenue, the yearbook was simply draining the budget needed to make the content community on this site flourish to the level it should.

Mark my words - this is a short term loss for massive long-term gains.

I spent a lot of time out in the world this year, trying to meet you guys in person. I have massively increased the amount of time I spend interacting with members on this site. The demand I hear day in and day out is for better content every single day. Over the last few years we've built an amazing system that is empowering people everywhere to have a chance at getting their content seen, and I am totally blown away by the level of quality that is out there. I want to make sure that as you make that transition from some random community member nobody has heard of and begin your path to a professional media person - we are here to offer you what you need to get it done.

Our mission has never been so focused and so clear. There is going to be a new era of content on Newschoolers. Higher quality articles, more shows, more photos, more organization - and more opportunity. We are committed to an open system where anyone can get a start, we just want to make sure that after you get that start you have a roadmap of opportunities as you grow with us. Newschoolers is about bringing skiers from around the world together, and giving them an opportunity to take part in shaping this industry.

Thanks for understanding, please feel free to post up any questions you have in either the comments here or the official discussion thread.

Note: Announcements of the re-structured content programs will be launching soon, as well as information on how you guys can be a part of it.

As always, thanks goes to you, the NSer - without this incredible community, this place wouldn't be a sliver of how amazing it is.


It was damn cool though, right?

Line called it in their Yearbook Ad