Last Friday (November 30th) I drove to Banff in Alberta for the "Canadian Pacific Rail Jam" with my buddies Joey Schuster and Josh Bibby... it was gnarly. When we rolled up on Friday night, our buddy Reed Holmes was already killing it in the AM division and ended up winning a pair of new skis and a heli skiing trip. After we watched the awards, we found out they already had everything set up for us including our own hotel rooms, food, drinks... and $10 000.00 in prize money (6000 for 1st, 3000 for 2nd, and 1000 for 3rd).

Saturday was the pro category comp. The set up was a down box or a down flat down box with a pretty hefty ollie on to the boxes. I skied well in training but unfortunately I couldn’t quite stomp all my tricks during the contest which led to me not winning any money... but at least my friends won some. In first place was Joey Schuster who stomped almost every new trick he tried and had a variety of dope grind tricks including some 270s, switch-ups, and switch grinds. 2nd place was Mike Riddle who has been absolutely killing it in every single contest he enters this year. He did mostly 270s and switch ups which were definitely on point. And last but not least was Mike Henituk, personally my favorite rail skier in the game right now. He did all sorts of stuff on both rails but my favorite was his nose buttered nose press on the down box... quite possibly the nicest rail trick I have ever seen.

The after party was a blast; there was no shortage of drinks to go around, due to Joey, Mike, and Henituks commitment to the 10% rule... (10% rule means that everyone who wins money has to spend at least 10% of their winnings at the bar that night)... After leaving “The HooDoo Bar" we called it a night so that we could get a few hours of sleep before our 6 hour drive home the next day.

Turns out that the 6 hour drive turned into a 3 day trip home because Josh’s car broke down half way home and all the roads closed due to heavy snowfall that turned into rain then froze. We chilled in this little town called Golden for three days until the roads opened then hitchhiked home... pretty crazy trip... defiantly going to do it again next year.

Justin Dorey