Hey there people.

The holidays just wrapped up, and it was fun times all around. That is, if you ignore the fact that I got sick during Christmas, which resulted in me not going skiing Christmas Day. First time I didn't put some turns in on Christmas in many, many years.

I put in some voluntary work for Red Mountain putting in a yurt in the slackcountry. This video is of one of the new cut runs on the south side of Grey, which you can hit on your way back in bounds from the yurt.


On top of that I've done 3 days of work for Valhalla Powdercats shoveling as well. Once the avalanche conditions calm down in the next few days we will finish the job, and at that time I will have a more in depth update on my "work", so stay tuned.

As for right now. The story of town is the Canadian Open. Year after year this event brings out some of the best skiers around to size each other up on Mount Roberts. Mount Roberts is one of the best mountains I have ever skied. Inch for inch it has some of the most fun and demanding terrain than any other single mountain I've come across. With it's variety and constant pitch, it makes for one hell of a competition venue.

with areas like "the wall", you can get as wild as you choose with your line choice. I've only seen two people attempt this in competition - and only one made it out on his feet.

I have dabbled in the Canadian Open in the past, but I just don't have the desire to enter these days. My good friend and skiing buddy Duncan is throwing his hat in the ring this year. Yesterday Duncan, Dylan, and I went out and did some "training" to get Duncan used to hitting the drops in bombed out conditions, and what better way to do that than to bomb it out yourself.

This little video is of a run down Links Line (qualifying venue in bounds) and Center Chute on Robby.


After some poking around in some of the rowdier areas of Roberts, there is a sadly low base in areas... low to the point that as I was skiing down, there was sheets of exposed rock being left in my wake. With the competition starts this upcoming Thursday, I don't think they will open the whole face for the competition. The conditions should be good enough to have most of the mountain open though, and combine gnarly terrain with a low snowpack - you get big drops becoming bigger, with shorter, bumpier landings. My prediction for the comp this year: lots of bails. If the weather is good for spectating, I'll be bringing some beer up the mountain during the comp and watch a fun show of hucking. In the mean time though - I'm heading off to Idaho for a few days of skiing around Schweitzer. Also, after sunday I'll be able to upload a edit I made from a week of skiing during the holidays.