What would be the first question you wouldn?t have an answer for?

-What is life?

What in your eyes made you what you are today?

- A series of completely random events.

How did you get into this?

- My addiction to adrenaline.

What is the meaning of style and who?s got it in your eyes?

- Style is someone who looks good without trying to look good .Or, in the case of snowboarding, does tricks without trying to make it look good. Someone who tries?s to much is really bad style to me. The only person that this does not apply to is J.P Walker (god).  Louif Paradis is a good example.

How would you describe your personal riding style?

- Fun.

What?s your best trick you are currently pulling and what are you working on?

- Going huge and Switch Bs anything on to rails.

What do you consider a good achievement for a rider and what is yours?

-  Any rider that has invented tricks or has gotten creative with snowboarding is a winner. I  like weird tricks.

Which was your most dangerous moment in your shred life? What happened?

- Fell into a Rock well head first alone in the middle of the woods in Whistler 10 minutes before the lifts shut down for the night.. After accepting death, a random person pulled me out. He saved my life and I don?t remember what he looks like.

What do you do when you don?t ride?

- Waste precious time and money.

In case you wake up in a bad mood, what is there to save your day?


Let?s say you are the president of our world. What would you change right now?

- I would use our modern technologies to save our planet. And make people I don?t like dress funny and dance.

What is there that money can?t buy for you?

- Money is the solution to every  problem.

Here is your plane ticket to AK. Your quiver is ready, so you got 10 minutes to pack your private 20 liter bag. What would you stuff inside?

-  A lot of money and beef jerky,

What music do you listen to?

- Everything but Punk.

What pisses you off big time?

- People wasting my time and money.

What do you do to really calm down in case you are pissed off?

- Go snowboarding. If I?m pissed off because of snowboarding, stop snowboarding.

Are you afraid of a flat planet?

- I like playing Frisbee.

Any personal manifesto you are living by?

- Be happy. It is what it is.

How do you pick up chicks?

- By telling them I?m from Brazil.

Your daily contribution to make a better world?

- Take environmental studies in college to save our planet one day.

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

- Just as handsome.

What will you do after this last question?

- Sleep, I?m hitting a rail tomorrow morning.

Thank you for your time, and welcome to the ARC.