…that was the top standings overall in todays qualifiers.1. Vincent Gagnier  2. Steffen Hamre and  3.  Robby Franco. I can’t believe how the hell I managed to pull my shit together and move on to the finals, so happy right now!

I fell in my first out of two runs, and I thought everything was over. I did not do my trick on the last jump even once in the practice, so that freaked me out even more. But I went for it and put my run down with a score of 80 points, placing me on second behind Vinnie Gagnier.

Rev-tail in run number two.  Really difficult to ski in these conditions actually. Wind-gusts, snow and poor visibility made speed-calculations and tricks hard to do.

Someone going pretty big on the first jump.

Finals tomorrow, and it’s going to be a long day. I had to drive back home for the day to attend a meeting at job tomorrow morning. Then I have to race up to Storlien again, to do the finals. 7 jumps – all different count. 7 railhits – all different – all counts. Should be interesting to see who can do 14 different tricks and win. See you tmrw.