We’ve reached the halfway point, ladies and gents! Session 4 was packed to the brim with sun and fun. This session, we’ve voted unanimously to highlight a rad snowboard chick that’s been here since Session 2. It only seems appropriate that we wish her farewell (until next year) by deeming her this Session’s “Camper of the Day.”

Jodie Beecham, 17, from Eugene, Oregon, is on her fourth summer at Windells Camp. She attends South Eugene High School and she’s on the Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation (MBSEF) Team. Jodie started competing two years ago, and was invited to compete in the 2012 USASA Nationals for Rail Jam and Slopestyle Snowboarding. Jodie rides for Tactics Boardshop and was recently added on flow for Dragon.

Initially, Jodie decided to come to camp because she loved to snowboard. Now, she returns because she says Windells is “one big family.” Her advice for other girls interested in coming to Windells is simply: do it! The other girls are welcoming and Windells is open for snowboarders of any and all skill level.

Jodie wants to give shout outs to Tactics, Dragon, mom and dad, and Windells Camp!



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