Each session at Windells Camp we get a huge variety of levels of skiers and snowboarders that fit into different groups with coaches to help progress their skills on the mountain. Sometimes we’ll get beginning snowboarders who just want to learn to snowboard and that was the case for 16 year old Tatiana this week.

Tatiana arrived at Windells Camp from Latin America with the goal of learning how to snowboard and had only been on snow once before in her life. With the help of Head Coach Danger Dave, she learned to turn earlier this week and by the end of the week was hitting the beginner park features.

What made you decide to come to Windells Camp?

Tatiana: I just wanted to learn how to snowboard. I found out about Windells and just really wanted to come.

Have you ever snowboarded before Windells Camp?

Tatiana: No never.

How do you feel about your progression at Windells Camp?

Tatiana: I’m really pleased. I’m turning, jumping and trying to do boxes. I just wanted to come out and be able to ride a snowboard and I think I overachieved my goals.

Who have been your coaches and how do you like the coaching at Windells Camp?

Tatiana: I had 3 coaches this week. The one I spent the most time with was Danger Dave. He was the first coach I had and helped me with the basics and then taught me to jump later.

What were you working on today?

Tatiana: Izzy helped me with my first box.

How do you like the Windells Campus?

Tatiana: It’s awesome, there’s always something to do. I really like it.

What about on-campus activities, what have you participated in this session?

Tatiana: I’ve done many sponsor nights and skateboarded. I knew how to ride but never been on ramps.

Do you think you’ll come back to Windells Camp?

Tatiana: I’ll definitely try!

Huge congratulations for Tatiana for progressing so much this week at Camp. All 3 of her coaches were stoked on her progression from beginning rider to more confident rider on the mountain and park! Stay tuned for more Campers of the Day as session 6 arrives soon!

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