We’re onto day 4 of session 6 at Windells Camp and the private park continues to be flowing with skiers and snowboarders. We caught up with ski coach Tyler Barnes who introduced us to 17 year old Monica from Jersey who was trying her hand at a whole lot of features today. From rails to boxes, jumps to pipe, Monica was stoked to be skiing in the summer here at Windells Camp.

Is this your first time coming to Windells Camp?

Monica: Yep!

Why did you decide to come to Windells Camp?

Monica: I wanted to ski in the summer. Sick of going how many months without snow.

What tricks were you looking to accomplish this session?

Monica: I’m really looking to backflip. Get on the air bag and hopefully take it to the pipe.

Who is your coach and how do you like the coaching?

Monica: Tyler Barnes, he’s awesome. I call him the sensai.

What features were you hitting today?

Monica: Down flat down box, flat box, all the jumps, air bag, skullcandy pipe, halfpipe.

What on-campus activities have you done?

Monica: Skated, bmx’d, trampolined, basically everything you can do I’ve tried. Played soccer.

Do you think you’ll come back to Windells Camp?

Monica: Yes!

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