Summer has been busy at the Windells skateparks and our skate campers have been fully loving the indoor skate facilities at BOB and the new concrete jungle.  Each skate session, the campers get to use the on-campus facilities but also travel to the local skateparks to expand their skills.  That’s where we found Lars, a 14 year old skate camper from the Netherlands out here enjoying camp and getting some sick shots in the parks.

Why did you choose to come to skate camp at Windells?

Lars: It looked really fun and I love skating so that’s why I chose Windells skate park.

How do you like skate camp so far?

Lars: It’s awesome and amazing. So much fun with a lot of skaters so they are your friends. It’s awesome.

What was your favorite skate park you visited?

Lars: I think Battle Ground and where we were today, don’t know the name but was great.

What tricks did you want to work on this week?

Lars: I tried many tricks, one of my favorite tricks was the feeble back 180 out and feeble front shove out and tray flips.

What coaches did you work with this week?

Lars: With Brandon but the coaches were Jamie, John and Ryan. They were the best coaches.

Who is your counselor and how did you like him?

Lars: Brendan he was awesome and funny.

Did you do any on-campus activities?

Lars: No but I watched they were fun to watch the activities around camp.

Did you feel like camp was a success?

Lars: Definitely

Do you think you’ll come back to Windells Camp?

Lars: Definitely if I have the money, it’s really expensive to come from the Netherlands but I’d definitely come again.

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