Session 3 at Windells Camp is underway and today campers hit the slopes to check out the private park that Windells has to offer at Timberline. Ski coach Collin Collins was with his campers hitting the main jump line in the park and that’s where we met 17 year old camper Kolton from Idaho Falls, Idaho who is our first Camper of the Day for session 3.

Why did you choose to come to Windells Camp?

Kolton: I’ve been wanting to come here for years, just seeing all the videos on Seeing all the hype and hearing about it from friends, I just finally got the chance to get up here. It’s sick.

How do you like camp so far?

Kolton: I love it, there’s so much to do. You’re never bored and there’s a ton of nice people here…it’s just a good time.

What activities have you done on campus?

Kolton: Played dodgeball, doing a lot of tramping and skating and blading. Just trying to check everything out.

How do you like the coaching?

Kolton: Collin Collins is my coach and he’s a rad dude, he’s pretty sick. He’s gonna help me learn some new tricks…hopefully tomorrow or the day after.

What do you want to work on this session?

Kolton: I’m really hoping I can get some double flips going and maybe some flips off of rails. Work on different grabs and spins.

Thanks Kolton for starting session 3 off! We hope to see you back on the snow dialing in those tricks! Stay tuned for more Campers of the Day from session 3 at Windells Camp!

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