We’re only a couple days into session 6 at Windells Camp but all summer long we’ve had a great variety of Campers of the Day from all ability levels around the world. Today we found Elizabeth who at 16 years old she’s traveled out to camp from California to progress her park riding. She’s been on and off the mountain for 4 years but wanting to work on her park skills at camp.

Why did you decide to come to Windells Camp?

Elizabeth: I saw it online and it looked amazing. What better to do in the summer than to snowboard?

What tricks are you working on this session?

Elizabeth: 180’s and to get something done in the halfpipe. Hopefully I’ll land a rail too.

Who is your coach and how do you like the coaching?

Elizabeth: Murphy. He’s really funny, chill and just cool.

Any funny moments on the mountain?

Elizabeth: Murphy did a funny hollar off the halfpipe today. It sounded like someone dying…this mid-air ARRRRRHGHHHHH.

How are you liking the on-campus activities?

Elizabeth: I’m loving it, the trampolines are the best. Both the ones inside BOB and outside are fun.

Who is your counselor and how do you like hanging out with them?

Elizabeth: I have Katie and Krista. They are really nice actually, we basically facebook stalk everybody. We’ve been trying to look at people who look like our counselors.

Do you want to come back to Windells Camp next year?

Elizabeth: Definitely!

What are you looking forward to this week?

Elizabeth: Tomorrow’s rafting trip!

Any shoutouts?

Elizabeth: Hi mom and dad and little brother Sam and my two turtles.

Stoked to have Elizabeth out at Windells Camp and getting her tricks dialed! Stay tuned for more Campers of the Day as session 6 continues on!

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