We’re onto the last day of session 2 at Windells Camp and while the majority of the camp is skiing & snowboarding, the skate camp at Windells has 14 campers of all ages out there skating every day. We came across 18 year old adult camper Daniel from Florida at skate camp has kept progressing, improving and staying passionate in his skating this session.

How do you like the skate camp at Windells so far?

Daniel: It’s been a really good week. I had some bummed out crashes, sent to the ER for a cat scan and had a minor concussion

How’s the skating been since then?

Daniel: Good actually, just taking it easy but good.

What tricks have you been working on?

Daniel: A lot of my vert tricks like frontsmiths, stalefishes…mostly air tricks. Just basic training.

Why did you choose to come to skate camp at Windells?

Daniel: I just needed to get away and try something new. I want to come back here forever to keep working on my skateboarding.

How’s the coaching in the skate camp?

Daniel: I like them, they’ve been helpful.

What’s a typical day like at skate camp?

Daniel: Getting up wicked early, going to breakfast, skating BOB or the concrete jungle. Then we get in the van to drive and hit up skateparks, hit them up and work on skateboarding.

How do you like the skate setup at camp?

Daniel: Just perfect. I wish we had parks like these in Florida. You don’t see a lot of this stuff in Florida.

Have you done any other activities at camp?

Daniel: Not too many, just skateboarding since it’s such a good park.

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