March 22,2005, Whistler, BC - The Camp of Champions is pleased to clarify that

the 2005 summer sessions are still on 100%. Despite a lower than average snowfall

this year and despite various rumors of mountain closures due to limited snowpack,

the Camp of Champions summer ski camp will continue with it's 17th year of operations.

Some concessions have been made to ensure that Camp will once again have all

of the jumps, rails and jib features of the past, one being the reduction of

the Camp's schedule by one week to make 4 weeks of operation and the decision

to not built a halfpipe this summer. These changes are to ensure that all attending

campers will have the most progressive and fun experiences as possible.

"Whistler has just received 3 feet of snow over the last week so we're in great

shape for the summer" says Ken Achenbach, the camp owner and director.

Located in Whistler, BC and operating on Blackcomb?s Horstman Glacier the Camp

of Champions runs from June 16 to July 14.

For further information please contact Steve Bonini at 1-888-997-CAMP