The Camp of Champions prides itself on having the best park and pipe on

earth every summer. We get so fixated on it that we forget to show how

much fun the other parts of camp are. The Compound is where most of the

good times happen.

Even though we have more fun skiing than should be allowed, there is a

short time of the day when campers actually do something other than

ride. Bungee Battles, Sumo Wrestling Nick to submission,

Joust battles, play hoops using my daughter and her friends as the

basketball, hitting "Bounce" the trampoline zone, skating the miniramp,

sessioning the dryslope rails, playing ping pong and basketball. Instead

of writing a bunch of words, I'm just going to post up a bunch of

photos of stuff that was going on yesterday at camp... other than sessioning the park that Tucker Perkins and Gus Kenworthy say is the sickest Pipe and Park in North America this summer.