Day 1 of 4FRNT Team week at Camp of Champions started on a bit of a low

for Will Berman, Global Team rider. He was refused entry into Canada due

to some BS related to his one-way ticket and the fact he's a pro skier

coming to train in Whistler for two weeks. Rule of thumb, Canadian

customs people don't obviously ski so be prepared to surface all

necessary paperwork and bank statements on request when entering


Proceeding along, we loaded team shreds Andy Partridge, Finn Anderson,

Hugo Pelletier, Mack Jones, Keltie Hansen as well myself, Matt Sterbenz

onto what was one of the best first days I can recall on Horstman

Glacier. The terrain was finely shaped and the weather did its job.

Subtle clouds rolling in and out but visibility stayed clear throughout

the day. The hot lap was the three-jump middle line straight to private

handle-tow. The private lift system inside the camp is not crowded so we

could lap fast.

The Global Cutter pipe was fun for looks. A bit too big for my liking

given the first day routine but the flyout-tranny at the bottom set up

the most perfect 12 foot slightly under-vert tranny I've ever and that

proved to be pure bliss for backies. The airbags where the feature most

campers sent after lunch. I dropped a switch back for the first time in

years into it, it was fun. Air bags are a trip.

Following camp we sent a team Paintball session just outside of town. It

was a really wooded venue, lots of forest courses and our team of

coaches and riders slayed some campers but to their defense, they slayed

us too. Some kids where name dropping paintball gun specs to the guy

running the show; we found that all pretty funny as well intimidating.

Basketball games and skating on the miniramp was also the call for some

campers.  We closed the evening with a ten person dinner at Mongolie

Grill which is totally boss for getting veggies and protein after a long

day of heaven on earth.

For one of our campers, COC was a very Moo-ving experience.

Google tan acquisition is a workout, it takes all day dedication.

Stay tuned for day two, we're planning for a bit more clouds which

should lead to some wicked rail sessions captured by team filmer in

attendance, Sam Peters, for our team release of "Loyalty" dropping fall