So people always think it is funny looking at all the random funny pics I have on my phone. Some of these have been passed on from phone to phone so they are nice and old, but still funny. So most of you will enjoy, some will hate and get super mad but its my blog so whatever.


I dont know who this is or how I got it on my phone, I was wasted in vegas and had this the next day
This is Minkus, and this is his I am dumb and run from the cops on a 50 mug shot
Ha Ha funny little smart car in the snow with my truck
A sequence for Freeskier of me for a trick tip
This got sent to me by my friend. He said one of his friends was banging Elisha Cutberth and that this is her.
What are those things even
Not going to say who made this but it is hanging in Kermits and funny
My man Riley Poor
That looks like a Sunday Funday
Timmy peeing on Lukes shirt
This is our Army Ranger friend rick taking a nap with a cig during graduation
Who drives that stupid car
Willis, this is a normal look to have while it is still light outside
Andrews sister and her cute babies. CUTE BABY ha ha max
Wheels babysitting so mom can have fun
This is how it should be, little kids filling up the cups for speedpong
Thats just funny
He loves snus
"Thats funny I always thought Minkus would be the taker not andrew" Bennett Spector
Sick hair Symms
Jeter loves snus
Willis making out with Roxanna Saidi, ha ha its funny cause she cant de tag it
Just having some water on the bus in my boxers
Peter Seidbo hanging ten, with his hands
Bathroom in Norway, for all the idiots out there, yes thats a statue. Did not make it any less fun to pee on him
yep thats my tattoo and yes its real
Look at the name, its JEAAAAAAA spelled diffrently, Go Hank
Nothing better than bag o twisted tea, and idiot Cheese Belly
Looking good
Thats Chelse hung over in vegas
Collins and Grill Gril, CLASSIC
Go Girl
More from Grill Girl
Tellus, water fight in the bar, Normal
Thats cassie, she loves being T-bagged
Boob shot at Longhorn in whistler
Matt Marghets, beautiful looking package
More from Chelse
Michele Parker blowing a big ass horn
Longhorn again, that place rules
Fuck Ya!!!!
Ha Ha Roxanna got burnt by a cig by some guy, guess you should not smoke.
I dont even know what jake did this time
Thats not nice
Naked Lap
Naked Lap with beer, even better
Craig almost died cause he got "drugged". Sure Craig you're just a big fat ham wallet
Girlfriend being awesome, you can tell by the thumbs up
Me enjoying a nice shoe
Joe doing some thing awesome of course
Me and Alana opening the door for room service in vegas. Boy was the deleviery boy suprised. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Shay is a Baller. Thats how they do it in Korea town
Thats Samantha, forget who sent me this one but who ever did. Nice work
Just so everyone knows this is not me, I wish I was that creative. So fucking funny though

And that is it for round one of camera phone pics, hope nobody is too mad.