Cam Boll has been an underground slayer for a while now. He's had shots in various Stept movies over the years, I believe he had a credit/bonus feature in 'How We Livin' back in '09. He also made appearances in summer camp edits throwing trademark 3swaps and other banger rail tricks with style, but for whatever reason he never broke in to the limelight in the same way as the rest of the Stept crew. He certainly has the skills, and for the last two years he's put all his work in to the killer edit below. That 3swap is back, on an urban quad kink no less and that's reason enough to watch but the music and editing are great too. You'll recognize some of the spots from this year's Stept films but there are plenty of new ones to keep you interested. It's been a crazy couple of weeks for urban edits and this is right up with the best of them. Enjoy.