Alright, so I am not exactly a novelist, nor do I really want to be one, although I have been on some rad adventures......but I gotta tell you guys about last week. 7 winters in Mammoth and that was by far the best week ever. It should be on MTV.

It got cold, the wind died and the storm came in, it snowed its ass off for about 4 days and the storm riding was as epic as bluebird, if not better. It was waist deep at least and you needed mad steeps to keep it going, I bombed past many stuck snowboarders and believe it or not freshies were kind of a work out, hauling as fast as possible into freshies just to come to a complete stop, if you dont go ass over heels that is, always fun for a lil cooling down.
We found some super steep trees and just rode them all day, riding our own sluff and LOVING it. When the storm lifted and the blue skies opened up, naturally we were all pretty pumped.
We forgot however that when bluebird strikes, so do a gazzillion hairy stinky old hippy men. STINK. Apparently they like their pow too, of course. Waiting for lifts to open just invites my road rage to take over so I went and scoped out an area not previously scoped by myself much and also one that gets mad sunbaked, so there was this race with myself to drop as many pillow waist deep landings as possible before my freind (whole nother story) and I get baked (sun baked that is) and or sick of swimming out of the gully back to the lifts.
I think we managed to get about 8 runs in before the run was worked and the entire mountain looked like central tokyo highways during rushhour. My freind by the way was visiting, he does surfing like we do skiing, as in 10 months a year all over the planet. The guy hadnt snowboarded in years and he was a frickin trooper, even he sent it a few times. RAD. Way to nut up Chris....Anyways, unlike Mammoth, it did stay good for a few days after, until of course Hawaii sent us a fresh warm rain and sloppy snowy storm and destroyed our goods. Now, Lono, the Hawaiin god of raging, gale force winds are swirling outside and my legs are getting a rest. Silver lining is the 22 foot pipe is open, South Park is hitting, June is sweetness, life is good. Will be back into it as soon as we can stand up outside. Peace.PS Snow gods, thanks for last week, I needed that!