California Resorts Are Ready to Go: Are You Ready?

Last year might have been a bad year for California’s ski resorts, but that’s all set to change this year. Plenty of snow has already fallen and, if the National Weather Service are to be believed, there’s much more on the way. In all, around three foot has fallen already, which is great news for a state that saw many of its ski resorts close early, or not even open, last year. That makes a stark change to today, when two ski resorts - Northstar and Heavenly - are planning to open earlier than planned, on November 14th. A dump of snow allowed Mammoth Mountain to open on November 5th, too.

Thought you had more time to get ready for ski season? Don’t worry - here’s a cheat sheet so you can be ready to hit the slopes in a flash.

Find Your Resort

Your level of ability will determine where you should ski. Beginners will find Mammoth Mountain, the resort already open, suitable for their needs, with many manageable slopes. Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe also has 25km of beginner slopes. Advanced skiers should head over to Heavenly and Alpine Meadows, both of which have around 35km of advanced terrain.

Get Your Equipment

Whatever your level is, it’s important you have the correct skiing gear that’s right for you. Coming from th UK or somewhere else without a strong skiing culture? Read up on what you need. Though you don't necessarily need to bring the equipment with you - you can rent right from the resort or nearby ski shop and save yourself the hassle.

Get the Right Ticket

Ski resorts offer a range of tickets to their customers depending on how many days they want to ski. The longer they’re there, the cheaper their day tickets are. Figure out how much you’ll want to ski while you’re there and buy the right one. You can always buy more if you want, but you won’t get a refund if you don’t ski as much as planned, so be conservative when you buy.

Don’t Rush

Skiing is back, and you’re excited! We all are. But your body might need some time to catch up with your mind, especially if you’re traveled a long way to go skiing. Take it easy on your first couple of days as you let your body adjust the pace, spills, and thrills of skiing in California. Similarly, beginner skiers shouldn’t rush themselves; you’ll be keen to explore the slopes, but remember - you don’t really know how to ski yet! Have enough lessons so you can feel comfortable going down the slopes on your own.

And finally...have fun! If the early season positivity is anything to go by, then this could be an epic ski season in California. The El Niño weather cycle is expected to bring in more wet and stormy weather, which means plenty of snow out on the slopes. After last year’s troubles, it’ll be a welcome relief for the state’s resorts and passionate skiers.

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