CREAM. The Magazine Is Here. Thursday April 27, 2006 After encountering many delays, and evolving into numerous forms during its lengthy journey, the bread is finally out of the oven. The butter of Cream Magazine’s first issue is comprised in a series of seminal articles featuring Anthony Boronowski, Cameron Schuster, Kye Petersen, Jenny Naftulin, Campbell Mckeogh, and Evan Raps. Cream is a composition of the life, for those who live it. We are Innovative. Independent. Inventive. Uncensored. We are a catalyst for change, sparking grassroots creativity within our sport, and striving to touch every individual that is exposed to our project. As an entirely home grown operation, we control every single aspect of our product, from conception to ascension. We shine the spotlight where it belongs, expanding consciousness with a groundbreaking and distinctive approach. In 2006 we are changing the face of the game, one mind at a time.

Photo by Josh Andersen