Jenny from Salomon was nice enough to update us on CR's status: I actually have encouraging news about CR! CR's sister has confirmed that CR's temperature has been dropping dramatically and that is a really good sign that the swelling is going down. CR has developed pneumonia in one of his lungs but the lung has been drained and it looks to be under control and a normal thing for this situation. CR is off of his medication right now and there are many other good signs for his recovery! One of CR's closest friends let us know that CR actually squeezed his hand when he was finally let into see him! CR is still currently in a coma and right now it is still a waiting game. His whole family and many friends are down in Utah with CR. All of the support from people all over the world, skiers and nonskiers alike, has been so amazing and unbelievable. Thank you to everyone for continuing to show your support and love for CR and to continue to send nothing but positive thoughts his way! Let's all hang in there for him and keep spreading the love!Jenny Naftulin