This week Flo Bastien offers to explain the 360 Tail & the 540 Reverse Tail in his home Tignes FRANCE

360 TAIL:

Flo B here for the first TipTrick of the season, I’ll give you some tips for the 360 tail grab

For the running you can make a small curve to the left if you turn left, once at the the end of the kick I give an impulse, I unfold the legs and I turn my shoulders while contracting my abs,so that my body has a homogeneous movement.

Once the rotation started, I don’t rush on the grab, I wait a bit and I catch it without looking at it.

From the 270 I started watching the reception, I loose my grab and I’m getting ready to land

have fun with this trick and good start of season


We will continue to tricktip with 540 reverse tail, one and a half turns in the air by catching my left ski if I turn left or my right ski if I turn right

it’s a bit the same concept as the 360, I always curve in the kick for more sensations and more style.

providing the impulse I start to turn the shoulders while contracting your abs, my body turns to a homogeneous movement and wait the 270 for Grab my tail, I see the landing from 270 to 450, at 450 I drop my grab to land and am very hard on the legs for a clean landing, and that’s it!

Take a lot of fun with this two tricks and good start to the season