If you've been doing research for a camera stabilizer or support system for your camera, "Camtree Flexi Rig" is the paramount choice - Weightless Camera Shoulder Support System.

Achieve a variety of camera angles fluidly while enabling hands-free operation!

Camtree Flexi Rig is a body mounted camera stabilizer that gives operators extraordinary freedom of movement, stability and comfort while shooting with DSLR/HDV Camera. It's not just a regular shoulder-mounted camera rig; it also has a back brace and waistband; which means you can let go and be confident that your camera and shot will stay right where you left it.

The camera rests on front platforms that has tilt and rotate ability, could be tricky getting in and out of something if you need to move quickly but our Flexi Rig has made it possible.

Maximize your comfort; eradicate your fatigue!

With so many features to see on this rig –

• Well-build; Precision engineered from high-strength aerospace aluminum.

• Well integrated with a flexibly padded, evenly distribute camera's weight throughout the user's upper body.

• Extraordinary versatility enables the ease into canted (tilted) camera shooting positions to the left or to the right.

• Reposition camera at any angle – high, low and also at waist and eye camera levels.

• Spring-loaded technology with four-point stabilization and two adjustable stabilizing rods to steady the camera, offers Spring-loaded technology.

• Attain unique 180°rotational shots & Dutch angles.

• Its extra accessory mounts make it ideal for use with many cine-style camera systems that require monitors and other accessories.

• Accepts cameras weighing up to 8kgs/17.6lbs.

• It's amazingly comfortable, easy to assemble and could enable shooting for a full day.

• Get impressive tracking shots, even when performed on rough terrain.

Behind the scene footage of Cinematographer using his Flexi Rig during a grueling shoot.

TV shooter’s best friend with a Price tag of only $650!

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