reprinted from Tanner Hall tackles his buddy after CR's winning jump. Armed with a lethal Bio 1260, C.R. Johnson beat out Tanner Hall in front of a record crowd tonight in the Big Air final of the 2002 U.S. Freeskiing Open. Over 15,000 fans roughed out a chilly evening to see C.R. and Tanner butt heads in the final best-of-three jump format. C.R. stomps a huge Bio spin 1260 to take gold in the Big Air. Tanner won the first jump and C.R. took the second. In the third and final jump of the round, C.R.’s enormous, stomped Bio 1260 proved to be too much for Tanner and his impressive switch misty 900. In the battle for third, David Crichton threw a switch 1080 toxic to edge out Jon Olsson switch misty 900. Tanner comes up just short on his switch misty 900. FREEZE US FREESKIING OPEN BIG AIR RESULTS--- 1. C.R. Johnson, Squaw Valley, USA 2. Tanner Hall, Mammoth Mountain, USA 3. David Crichton, Manitiock, CAN 4. Jon Olsson Are, SWE more to come!