Lurcher's Gully Vertical drop and average gradient:

250metres; 17 degrees


Generally facing west-north-west

Ice climb grade:


Route description:

Lurcher's Gully is the gully containing the Allt Creag an Leth-Choin which leads down to Loch Morlich.

When the gully is filled in, it can often be wide and offer cruisy turns well into the spring, and as such is a favourite among ski tourers as a descent route.

Some access the gully from NH971029, while others choose a line coming in from more the direction of Creag an Leth-Choin. However, when the conditions are good it is possible to enter and leave the gully whenever you wish.

Lurcher's Gully has a consistent gradient for its length, until below the 750 metre mark, where most people choose to cut the gully run short, and traverse out to the Northern Corries footpath at NH979044.

Below the 750m mark, the gradient further decreases. In the best of conditions some choose to continue down the gully line, then leave the line to reach the Chalaimain Gap path river crossing at NH973062.



Route finding:

Generally easy.

Local dangers:

Danger of breaking through the snow bridge to the burn beneath.

Getting back to the carpark:

If you cut out of the gully line at the 750m mark, then follow the line of the Northern Corries footpath back to the Coire Cas carpark (NH990059).

For those that opt to continue down to the Chalamain Gap footpath, cross the river and follow the footpath east to the Sugar Bowl carpark at NH985074.

Dependant on snow cover, it may or may not be a long walk.