For a good few years, I've noticed I have bunionettes. They're these little bump things on the outside of the pinky toe joint. A couple of years ago, I had some boots that would severely aggrevate them. I popped like 5 aleve, advil, tylenol, whatever I had, per day, just to keep skiing bearable.

I skied at Hood that summer, and I had the worst foot pain I could imagine, so I decided I would buy new boots.

I buy new boots.

Last season my feet were fine. Traveling around and skiing was not an issue.

This season I must have logged ~90 days skiing in the same boots with zero toe problems or shin problems. Then as chance would have it, I would underrotate onto a flat landing (switch 630) and got a nice knee in my chin, which tweaked my vision for a second, minorly chipped a couple of teeth, and primarily pissed off my bunionette.

Now it hurts to walk sometimes. Pain medications do jack shit. WSI is in less than a week, so I'm going to have some fun foot times up there. Sweet