Yesterday I started a long project, the gap jump from 44 days.

It is alot different this year, the low snow year and less slide activity in the bowl gave it some new charachteristics

It is always like that going to new spots over the years, Glaciers melt, trees grow and fall, cornices form, ect.

I found this jump cruising around the backcountry of Utah on a cloudy day with Kris Ostness.

We had no Idea it would be a good jump until we came back and looked at it again on a sunny day.

Jossi Wells hit it also, it was his first backcountry jump of that season.

It is about 80 feet to the knuckle, then you can fly as far as you desire after that.

Check it out in Revolver!

It just keeps growing and growing
Landis getting a shovel full, when you do not have a machine, you use simple tools and long hours
You cannot see the landing from this photo…. yikes
The hike out is a trek
For Jumps this size, I recommend using a grain hog shovel like this one and not a little avalanche shovel
Team work work work, all day long and it still is not done

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