I was excited to have made it through another great ski season, except this time it was while living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula! I have progressed a ton this year and expanded my social life while living on Campus at Gogebic Community College. I am excited to see my life begin to unfold in front of me as I can see that working in the Ski Industry is my kind of lifestyle. I was excited to get away to a friends house for the weekend as we start to feel a little stir crazy in these small dorms, unfortunately the snow was all melted so we racked up the skis and headed for the Twin Cities in Minnesota to do some work on the Trampoline in preparation for Wakeboarding this summer, and to visit the Mall of America.

Friday night when we went to the gymnasium, i was having a blast as it was my first time on an Olympic Style Trampoline! Every trick was coming so easy that night. Unfortunately, half way through the open gym i landed on my toes shooting a blast of pain up my leg. I remember hearing it go "Pop, Pop, Pop" as i came down on it. I figured that it was probably just a sprain and i hobbled my way out to the car. Luckily for me my buddies family had an old cast like boot that his dad once had for an ankle injury. I decided that would be sufficient enough for me to walk around on inside of the Mall o America.

It was hard to focus on the scale of the mall, when the scale of pain I was in was just as enormous. Although i figured while i was hear i would pick up a new pair of Ronix Wakeboard Bindings from Summit Board shop since i planned on really pushing it this season. Little did i know my injury was a little more extensive then a sprain.

When we got back to Michigan after out long weekend the swelling had not gone down much at all. I decided i better go and get an X-Ray just to be safe. I was devastated to find out that i had fractured my Fibula! I could not believe i had continued to walk on it all weekend. Tears came to my eyes as I did not want to watch my wakeboard season slip away from me. You feel helpless with a splint up to your thigh.

After two days i received surgery in which i got a plate and 4 screws to realign my ankle. The doctor said i should be back to 100% in a few months. Although i may not get in the amount of wakeboarding time this season that i would have liked, I just have to understand that Life cannot be planned out. Injuries are bound to happen when living an active lifestyle. Luckily for me i still have skiing next year to look forward to where i will be living out west!

My only prayer is that this injury is one that i can live without years of repercussion. I can already tell that i am now frighted of trampolines just a little. I believe my battle in the long run is going to be more psychological then physical. At least that is what i hope, i want to be able to ski until the day i die, otherwise you may find me severely depressed, haha.