I'm going to debunk a myth.

Yesterday logged on NS and uploaded this picture (vintage St. Patrick's Day).

I got some replies (much faster than I expected). Most were about my amazingly sexy and overall stunningly gorgeous face. Others were about the beer I was proudly grasping in my graceful and majestic left hand. The comment that caught my eye was this:

"You don't drink guiness out of the bottle or can. The widget doesn't work unless you pour it."

- Maximumsushi

Actually, you can drink the draught out of the bottle. It even says so. Guinness specially designed the draught bottle so you could drink strait out of it. This is mainly because the widget shape. This particular bottle has them shaped like a missile, rather than the ball you see in the cans. The balls are meant for pouring, the missile is meat for strait drinking. Now, it's another story with the Extra Stout bottle. They don't even have a widget at all.

Just remember what they say in the TV commercials:

"Drink Guinness Draught strait from the bottle, and always enjoy it reasonably."