If someone asked me 5 years ago where I thought all the pros skied park at my answer would be Breck. If someone asked me that same question right now my answer would be any resort not owned by vail. I grew up in Ohio skiing 300 vertical. Dropping cliffs and making pow turns wasn’t a possibility. So that left me with hucking my self off jumps and catching edges on rails. I got big into park skiing at a young age and I still am but things have changed. I moved to Breckenridge last year fresh out of high school hoping to ski the parks I always dreamed of as young park rat. Those dreams turned into nightmares fast. I was to late to the party. First off Dew tour moved to Copper and that meant no more freeway. Not saying I was going to be doing dub 10’s off of the money boosters but it would have been fun to watch others. Second problem was the vibe in the park is dead. Not a single person barking from the lift when someone’s throwing down on the Hollywood line. Not a single person even exited to be in what used to be a world class park. It felt like the soul has been sucked away from the sport. The number of side woopers compared to real park skiers is absolutely terrible. It feels like we went back in time. Back when park skiing was looked down upon. I’m definitely not the best person to write this article because I probably make no sense but someone has to say it. Vail is killing park skiing across the United States and it’s obvious. Yes it’s actually vail doing it. I’m on park crew at Breck and we do everything we can to make this place what it used to be but it is useless when you have higher ups making budget cuts like crazy. Imagine not even being able to afford to have a half pipe at a resort like Breckenridge. In the past 2 years Breck has gotten rid of freeway, the half pipes and highway 9 park. I don’t even want to guess what it will be like next year. Half of park lane maybe? All I know is that I won’t be here next year to see that happen and I hope you won’t be either because it is depressing what this place has turned into. Vail is sucking the life out of skiing. Change my mind.