Hello fellow NS'ers!

Where were you last Friday November 12,

2010 at 8:00am? For all of you that don't know what was happening at this

time, it was opening day at Breckenridge, CO. Breck always starts the

season off right. To begin, when my fellow roommates and I got off the

gondola we were handed a nice little red ticket that was good for one

free breakfast! Yummy french toast smothered in blueberries to kick off

the day, not too shabby if you ask me. Like any opening day the crowd is

large with lots of energy. Besides the best welcome ever to Breck... it

gets better! I have to hand it to the park crew because they had it on

lock when we skied up to the park and there was a TRIPLE LINE! The

jumps were as follows: 15' - 20' - 30'. Pretty sick for the first day of

the season.The jumps were all perfectly built like their jumps always

are. Every year Breck steps it up and has one of the best parks in the

country from opening day to the last day of the season. If you are

wondering what to ask for for Christmas, make sure that a Summit Pass is

on your list! Hope to see all of you out there havin' fun!

Winter is here!