Its always funny how quick seasons tend to go. You  never forget each individual one but they can often be a case of blink and you miss it. When back in February you say things like, “we’ve got plenty of time to shoot this” and then before you know it its all done and dusted and its time to pack up and move on. Well my time rolled by in Colorado this week as i packed my bags to head to California. The general consensus with flying is that anywhere near 23kgs is a perfect weight combination, anything more and you’re likely to find yourselves in lengthy excess baggage debates which can find you parting with 100’s of dollars before you step foot on the plane.

I was under no illusions about how heavy my bags are. I haven’t weighed them yet but without standing near a scale i can tell you that they wont even tease me with the notion that they are close to flying weight. They’re probably around 60kgs right now. Knowing this lead me to finding other routes heading West ending up with a car, bus, train, bus, bus, car combination that was to take me over 1,300 miles and 33 hours of my life. To make the trip more interesting i made a timelapse from Frisco in Colorado to Mammoth, California. I’m not sure it will be the best 6 minutes of your life but it was kind of fun putting it together.


[vimeo w=500&h=400]