Right now I am inside our appartement here in Breck, watching the snow falling heavily outside. It´s been a blizzard since last night, and I am still missing my bag with all my clothes in it. Hopefully I will have it here by tomorrow or something. Keeping my fingers crossed. Travel went well, Oslo-London-Denver-Breck, for once. That´s why I had to loose my bagage, cause nothing can ever be perfect, hehe.


Denver airport, with it´s characteristic snowy mountains on top of the roof. Guess it´s supposed to look like the rockies.


I am staying with a few norwegian fellows here in Breck. Ludde, Joachim, Thon and Elias.

Me and Ludde decided to go for a mission of grocery-shopping in the blizzard. Heavy lifting and slow walking were important keywords here.


Not perfect for skiing as you can see, park-skiing that is. I am sure the powder-hounds were out all day! I am hoping to get my bag tomorrow!