Today I woke up fresh after a good 10 hours of sleep, jetlag is fading away – Awesome! Went to Breck with an early bus, and was up in the slopes at 10. Had a good 5-hour session up there, SO much fun. I have never experienced so much fun while skiing ever, and I have had my fair share of skiing-hours upon the time. The jumps is made so that you easily could learn new tricks, same with the rails/boxes. There was this one trick I had been thinking of for the last year, but never had the currage to try it out. It looked so smooth on edits and films, but in my head it was impossible. Impossible until today!

I will try to put up and edit in some days, when we have gathered enough material for a good edit. In the mean-time, check out my new trick. Have a good one folks!