Opening day, the very moment we spend all summer anticipating. As the days grow shorter and the temperature gets colder, you know opening day is right around the corner. This year Boreal was once again the first in Tahoe to get their lifts filled with skiers and boarders ready to make some early season turns.

    For me the first few days your local resort is open are some of the best of the year. For lack of a better word it feels like reunion of sorts, everyone that you know finds some way to cut class, play hooky from work (like I did), or find a way around other obligations they might have that day. Priority is placed on skiing and having fun.

New Jacket, hands at 10 and 2

On the way up we encountered a little fog

The new multi-million dollar agricultural checkpoint going into Cali

No sir, we are not bringing in any bananas from Nevada

fog starting to break....

...into bluebird skies!


Good day to test out some new planks

The scene at the hill around noon on Friday

A few members of Team Legacy and their fans


T Dubs first day on Moment Jibs

The DC

Justin Anderson


giving the up box some love

Wesley 'tight pants' Jacobson

Name the grab...

Casey Krueger even made it out

Afterbang prepared to deploy

Hi Dubs

KC Deane does Backflips on command

Jason 'Poser' Arens


KC likes to nosepress boxes

See you guys out on the hill!

    - MamaJay