Hey there,

I have good news for you! I know exactly what you would like to ask for

Christmas... The Book of Candide! This Limited

Luxury edition is a photographic documentary gathering the most beautiful

pictures of his career. The photograph Christoffer Sjöström introduces us to the greatest freeskier of all times: Candide Thovex, who influenced and pushed

the frontiers of the discipline for a decade.

The greatest freeskiers of the wold give in the book their testimonial about a

sport which constantly evolves & about Candide who contributed a lot in its

metamorphosis; Tanner Hall, Simon Dumont & Jon Olsson pay tribute to him

through exclusive interviews.


format : 300mm x 260mm, 180 pages

Price : 38€

To pre-order:

- Go to this address: http://www.skipass.com/shop/autres/The-Book-of-Candide-1.html

- Click on "ajouter au panier" at the bottom & follow the instructions (in French...)

- Delivery in december, when the book is released