After visiting a must see exhibition called Body World 3 at the Leonardo museum in downtown Salt Lake City, I have become much more interested in the human body and would like to understand and expore my own complexities. The exhibit displays humans, yeah, real humans who have donated their bodies for this project... even the embryos that were on display signed the contracts... The bodies were sliced, diced and cut in various ways, plasticized, and displayed in athletic positions to show how the body works.
, There was a central nervous system on display that was dissected from some poor sap and the whole blood vessel structure. There were hearts and lungs, some contaminated with tar from smoking,
Anybody have a cigarette? livers and kidneys, colons and stomachs etc... the exhibit is very surreal. Walking through, you feel like a shopper looking through the glass admiring someone's handy work. The body is an amazing combination of living parts from your bones that regenerate themselves, build and shrink depending on how mobile you are, your skin that has more organisms on it's surface then people in the united states or something to that effect.
Explaining what I saw and learned doesn't do it enough justice so If you ever get the chance, I highly suggest going to see it, take the time, go early and get the audio guide for an extensive in-depth description of every component that makes our clocks tick, our wheels turn and structures resilient. Here is a better description from the source, "The exhibition shows the complexity and vulnerability of the human body through anatomical studies of the body in distress, disease and optimal health. At every stage of its life cycle, the human body experiences changes and milestones. Find out the effects smoking and disease have on the human body – and discover the changes that take place as the body moves through different experiences in its lifetime."