What's up Bobby, cheers for agreeing to answer a few questions on this. After such success competing over so many years, what made you decide to flip your focus and go all out on filming backcountry?

Thanks Adam, appreciate the help! I just wanted to get after something different. I’ve been learning a lot more about the mountains and weather and just kind of decided, why not chase some storms this year. I also want to produce crazy videos. This was the first time I had a chance to put some real time into a project like this. It’s fun to take your time on things and do it right.

Were your sponsors supportive of the move?

Yeah for sure. Everyone was hyped to see what we could come up with this year. Every brand I work with just wants to see the people they support push themselves and enjoy the process... I can’t ask for much more. Every company had there own way of helping big time on this film.

How did you get the crew involved who filmed it? Can you break down who did what, with PBP and Stept involved?

I hit up Johnny D from PBP last year and told him its been too long since we linked on a project. He was hyped to get back into the snow and helped me assemble an all time crew. We had Tyler Hamlet and Alex Martini as the principle cinematographers. Those guys were unreal, it’s always nice to have knowledgeable people in your crew. Whether it was safety, terrain or a feature there were years of experience. As for the post production, it was a no brainer to get the Stept boys involved. They've been on top of the game forever making groundbreaking segments along with their full feature films. Connor, Nick and Cam have an amazing eye for editing and I love they way it came together with this project. We even had Leigh and Brady come in and put their special touches on the film.

Are you planning to compete in tandem with filming again this coming season?

I’m going to do whatever feels right when the moment arises. I would like to get deeper into the mountains and challenge myself on some different terrain but at the same time I enjoy riding park as much as ever. I’d like to excel in all areas of my skiing, wherever I focus my energy. It’s fun to keep pushing yourself in different environments.

You’ve filmed a bit before, but never to this extent and to my knowledge not much outside of park shoots. Was there anything that surprised you in the transition from thinking ‘comp run’ to thinking ‘film tricks’?

The only thing that surprised me was thinking 'why I haven’t spent more time out there?'. It was seriously one of the best times I have ever had. You get to build exactly what you want and ski it the way you want. If you want to go bigger, just build it bigger. I’m down with that concept.