The 2nd annual Red Bull Bracket Reel contest has reached the "Elite Eight" round.

The contest is the first of its kind, a chance for amateur collegiate riders to compete for video supremacy. The winning team gets an all-expenses paid trip of a lifetime from Red Bull. Each of the four rounds features a unique theme, and a unique video challenge. T

his round's theme is "night class" and the teams got after it for some urban, shotskis, and pyrotechnics.

Trappalachian State dropped serious hammers in the first round

So far, the Bozeman Sewer Mutants have been dominant, and they nabbed "Judge's Pick" from Bobby Brown again this round:

This round's matchups are:

University of Southern California vs. defending champions University of Washington

Oregon State vs. University of Vermont

Montana State University vs. Colorado University

University of Massachusetts vs. Colorado State University.

The remaining two challenges are "Art Class" (real skifi anyone?) and "Final Exams".

Can't wait.

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