I have been hanging out in Bellingham with Luke Tanaka, trying to ski at Baker…. but the snow is not so good right now (I feel bad for Olympic Organizers right now).  My friend John Love took us out for a booze cruise in Bellingham Bay, and it was just the event to take our minds off the lack of snow.

It was super warm on the water and the sun was out, I bundled up a bit because at our brisk pace of 8 knots we got a bit of wind on theeee decks.

To be honest I did not think a boat ride was going to be an activity I was going to be taking part in during my Winter.  I am gonna go get on some powder real quick because I am getting stoked seeing Wiley out there destroying.

Last time I was here this thing was burning Diesel and keeping the parking lot clear, this time mother nature is taking care of that.
Heel Click over Open Waters
Binoculars are a must while on a boat
Patriot Act Bandana
Where am I? on a boat?

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