As many of you know, the wait has been long and tedious, but after results of yesterdays meeting -it was worth it!

Blue Mountain's super pipe aquisition is a GO!

Meetings were held all day yesterday as the 'drop dead date' for approvals on the regional poll, Niagara Escarpment Commission approvals for grading, and Intrawest dollar allocations.

We were exempt from the Intrawest '2 year freeze on purchases of all grooming equipment' and recieved approvals yesterday for grading and widening of the terrain park. Money had been allocated for the purchase of the Superpipe dragon, and the dragon will arrive next week. (has already been purchased). Digging and widening started this morning! - and no time is being wasted in order to get the pipe ready for this winter!

What does this mean for Badlands? Well, the entire park will be widened, and the main pipe will be moved slightly higher for best vert results, and will be widened as well as the 'pickle pipe'. Both pipes in Badlands will be groomed daily with the superpipe dragon, and the current dragons will also be kept to groom the pipe at south for beginner and intermediate skiers and boarders.

What else is cool? New Rail construction has begun. Mamoth Mountain sent Blue mountain the blueprints of their superpark, and new GIANT rails have already been undergo - including another 60 foot rainbow, and the infamous 'rollercoaster' as well as more!

Now a superpipe is in your backyard southern ontario.

This is Jodi Cooke, reporting from Blue Mountain!