You are looking at a 1981 2-stroke Honda Express SR NX50m moped

complete with electric (and kick) start, 12V system, horn, turn

signals, auto choke, Honda Vmatic automatic transmission, the works.


found it in Allison's parent's barn in pretty rough shape, having not

been running in years with a lot of parts broken and missing. After

taking apart literally every nut and bolt and rebuilding the entire

thing, it now runs perfect. I put in $120 total into it, and as you can

see, it now sports a custom bra and seat cover (thanks Allison and

Susan), basket, and custom body panels and fenders hand crafted myself

from barn roofing.

Since it's under 50cc's, you don't need a

driver's license, registration, insurance, plates, or title to drive it

in Colorado. So, I took it all apart and packed it into the Subaru and

brought it to Boulder. Gets 100 miles to the gallon. Say sumin'.