So the wheels firmly got put into motion as of this week and here’s a little update of whats gone on.

Firstly, my insurance company paid up this week for all of my gear that was stolen back in November. As you can imagine i’m super happy with this situation and i’ll write a little bit more about my experience at a later date along with reviews of the new equipment i’ll replace it with.

As soon as the money landed it kickstarted my season and i was on the next available flight to Denver. Now usually i’d be a little sceptical about flying into a new city without any plans but with the SIA winter sports trade show on in Denver i knew i’d stumble across friendly faces….

….Which leads me to this. I was lucky to bump into Tatsuya from Bravoski magazine and he invited me along on his little road trip convoy to the X-Games. We powered on through the night and have been treated to a beautiful blue sky on our arrival. Without my new camera set up i look a little out of place but hopefully this will be the start of a great season.

Canon EOS 40d and 18-55 kit lens. Ouch.