So what do you do when you’ve got no cash and

some free time.  Well you head west in

search of snow. If you're from CO you know we’ve had a shit snow year in the

city, severely curtailing urban. So when I got back from Vegas on Tuesday

morning me, Landon, and Ian headed west with no plans or aspirations.

we found some snow unda a bridge and got ghetto

on it

cab 2880 double mute, moments later the cops

rolled on me and Landon, we figured we wouldn’t push our luck and get the stash


this landing was softer and more beautiful then Doug Bishop’s perfect head of Fabio like hair

shiftys are nifty- do work in that trucker hat Landon, do work

you can’t see from this angle but you jumped

over a sarlac pit of death

now that’s one ugly character

next years Scott P4s have special negative ions

that soften landings on drops (note your 

p4s may contain no ions)

getting nosey, there was a maid in the window,

she thought we were flying demons

So heres a few shots of handplants we didn’t get

photos of, once I get done with some more finals there will be a full road trip

video, so hot dog!!

Landon thought these clouds were awesome - I

wonder what he was smoking… oh wait I know

we found this but this photo makes it look like

we made it, neat huh?

gotta try it out at some point

yea it sucks to get shit done with a 2 man crew

getting some air Nebraska style

give me some gray hair and I'm a regular Einstein

this was mid moustache march, thus explaining

the nose neighbors

gotta get the shovel up there somehow


getting dirty, thanks for showin

us the jibs Witt and Brady

olliein off the wall baby

wait for the video to see Landons sick bs 360

off this jib

then Landon jumped off the car hole, good for


Witt and Brady taxidermied this themselves

…and then Witt made love to it

getting so high…on wallrides

delicious jib juice

I'll leave you with this - a scale model of my penis