Blogging is hudge right now. I guess I have a blog myself now. I don’t think blogging will go away, I think its a great way to get information on everything. Soon fox news etc will be extinct, we can all hope. They were all full of sh!t anyways. As I have come to realize if i want my blog to be sucessfull versus unseen, i always have to be posting something in it. Like me posting this, my first blog, which at the time wasn’t known as a blog, and i was one of a few people in the ski world with one. There isnt much content that has to do with today, but its a blast from the past, and its hilarious for me to see and get nostalgic. If I had persued what I wanted to do fully, with the video magazine who knows, I could have beat the Meatheads onto the scene by a few years and i would be traveling the east coast in search of deep pow and creativity and driving a new subaru. Sounds fun, but I am glad I am living the life I am living right now.

3.2.1…..blast off prepare for massive lui kangs and penis jumps. Though my favorite shot was when i convinced about 16 kids to head out to elephants head at stowe and ski the backbowls back to smuggs, i think some of those guys n gals had their first back bowls that day, and its deffenately probably the most people to ski the bowls in a group. Thankfully everyone made it out!