For skiers and snowboarders wondering when the Black Friday Deals will begin and just as important, what skis and snowboards will be available, here is what you’ve been looking for.

For you my friends, the ski and snowboard deals have already begun. With the last few seasons being on the dry side in the West, there is some overstock in hardgoods FINALLY!

Whereas, the last few Winters, the deals have primarily been on softgoods, jackets, pants, gloves, etc. Since retailers had pulled back on their ski and snowboard purchases lately, after getting burned a number of years ago, there were not heavily discounted skis or snowboards available.

So, the current deals from both online and local ski and snowboard shops available on skis and snowboards have not been seen in the last 4 to 5 years. If you have been waiting to make a now purchase, now is your time.

As mentioned in previous articles here, the ski and snowboard industry is a little upside down compared to almost all other industries. The ski and snowboard season is just kicking off when most industries are winding down and trying to get rid of this years excess supply.

So retailers in other sectors are trying to make room for the expected delivery of new goods and therefore must discount their existing supply.

For the snow industry retailers and primarily skis and snowboards, most of their hardgoods sell prior to New Years. So the retailers are not inclined to give such great deals even on prior year models as it will cut into their higher margin current model year items.

So, when the skis and snowboards sell out, they are gone. The retailers will not be adding more sales as they are going to want to sell at or near the manufacturers suggested price in order to maximize their revenue. In a relatively short amount of time, prices can jump dramatically.

If you are looking for a crazy deal on a new LED TV or are looking for the killer price on a huge jar of mustard, then wait for Black Friday to arrive. If you need a new pair of skis or boots, then enjoy this early jump on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping and free yourself up for the Thanksgiving weekend!

"Slow equipment sales last ski season left hundreds of thousands of new-model skis and snowboards on store shelves nationwide, and retailers need to clear" ~ Denver Post