Member Review:

From the mind of legendary shaper Julien Regnier, the man behind Armada's most famous ski, the JJ, comes a new beast: the Nocta. This ski, having been designed with a similar but not identical philosophy to the JJ, has a familiar feel to its cousin. It can be pushed hard on the groomers and thrown around in the air. It can be skied on heli runs in the high alpine and slower days in the resort. With a turning radius of 26 meters, it's still quick edge to edge for a ski of it's boat-like dimensions. The Nocta can be skied all day, every day, in every condition. With classy graphics and a progressive rocker shape, the Nocta will strike you as one of the best all-mountain skis you've never ridden. -animator

Characteristics: Playful, Floaty

Manufacturer's Description:

The Black Crows Nocta is a men's rockered big mountain powder ski that receives a completely new shape from Black Crows for 2017! The latest version of the Nocta now has a reverse camber which makes it the first Black Crows ski equipped with this technology. Both its programme and spirit remain identical, the Nocta is a real powder beast thanks to its float as well as the ease with which it pivots, further-improved this year. Indeed, its reverse camber requires less effort to arc the skis and thereby lets the skier carve more easily in powder. This season the Nocta is a little more rigid, offering greater performance without losing the pivoting ability thanks to the new shape. The new construction is, however, lighter making them less physical but also more pleasant on long powder days. The Nocta remains a benchmark Big Mountain ski and this season is one of the lightest in this category.

Sizes: 177.6, 185.5, 190.6 CM

Dimensions: 132 / 122 / 140 MM

Radius: 26 M